Visits & Events

Cynthia loves to speak with students, teachers, and other readers and writers. Please contact her about a virtual or in-person visit. She’ll discuss your needs and goals and design a presentation that meets them.

There are many possibilities! Here are some ideas:

  • her books and their topics (nature, transformations, botany, geology, cybersecurity)
  • how STEAM subjects (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) are related
  • where writers get ideas
  • tips on the writing process (creativity, patience, persistence, and more!)
  • having fun with nonfiction 
  • creative writing about nature.

She can do read-aloud’s, Q&A’s, slide presentations, games, or a combination of these.

2022 Events


3.4.22 School Visit to Kindergarteners, Indiana

Cynthia is partnering with 4 Kids Books & Toys to read and talk about NIGHT BECOMES DAY: CHANGES IN NATURE!


2.2.22 World Read Aloud Day (WRAD)!

Cynthia had virtual visits with classrooms in Maryland, Texas, and Illinois. A great time!

2021 Events


12.6.21 Speaker, Indiana Association of the Gifted Annual Conference, Indianapolis

Do you often separate scientific topics from artistic ones? Is one more emotional, creative, or experimental than another? Cynthia Argentine will lead discussion of how scientific topics can inspire artistic and creative pursuits. Her presentation will show connections between science, nature, art, music, reading, and writing. She will suggest activities that forge these connections, including observation, classification, and creative writing. She will recommend exciting new STEAM books, including photo-filled nonfiction and picture-book biographies of fascinating scientists.


11.6.21 Live webinar with SCBWI INDIANA – “Opportunities in Nonfiction: A Vast, Vibrant Genre from Board Books to Middle Grade

Great for writers, teachers, and families interested in exciting nonfiction for all ages. Lots of book recommendations! This is free for IN SCBWI members, and $10 for anyone else. Sign up through SCBWI here!


10.5.21 at 5 pm – Book Birthday PARTY and Presentation!

Hussey Mayfield Memorial Public Library, Zionsville, Indiana. Join author Cynthia Argentine and the staff of the Zionsville Nature Center for this fun-filled book celebration! We will have hands-on nature exhibits for kids! A game! A treat to take home! And books to sign if you’re interested! Let’s celebrate the release of Night Becomes Day: Changes in Nature.

10.8.21 at 10:30 am – Unveiling of the STORYWALK Exhibit!

Elm Street Green Park in Zionsville, Indiana. Join librarian Laura Gangstad and author Cynthia Argentine as they team up to showcase Night Becomes Day: Changes in Nature in the town’s StoryWalk installation. Preschool kids and their parents are welcome. Afterwards, stop by any time between October 8 and October 31 to read the book, page by page, as you stroll the beautiful trail and observe changes in nature there.

10.9.21 noon ET – Virtual LAUNCH PARTY with Author SK Wenger!

Hosted by The Writing Barn, Austin, Texas. Here is a link to register for this FREE event. Come learn how these authors recently met and discovered personal connections dating back almost 30 years! Hear what inspired their books, listen to excerpts, and discover the important roles that change and re-VISION played in publication. Enjoy the fun of two complementary styles—one lyrical, one humorous—while looking for layers and connections within each book. Families, friends, teachers, librarians, readers—all are welcome!


8.10.21 Live webinar for Montessori Family Alliance “Science—An Open Door to Creativity

In this lively webinar hosted by Lorna McGrath, Cynthia shares ideas about outdoor play, science-themed art and music activities, the five types of nonfiction, and creative writing about science. To view a recording, go to the Montessori Foundation website. Their weekly webinars are free for members, and membership is reasonably priced at $4.99/month.

What Attendees Say…

“Our students had so much fun learning, wondering, and exploring with Cynthia and her NIGHT BECOMES DAY: CHANGES IN NATURE book. Not only did we listen to, ask questions about, and make connections to the story, we got up and got moving on an imaginary nature exploration! The students were able to make connections to changes they see in nature and changes they notice in their own lives and in themselves. It was so wonderful how the story connected with prior learning from our wellness classes. This story, experience, the engagement, and the connections the students were able to make are why I hope to work with Cynthia more often! I will be sharing this story and experience with students for many years to come and am excited to connect our classroom learning with other stories she publishes! Cynthia is wonderful!”

— Alyssa Jackson, Eagle Elementary Wellness Teacher

“After reviewing Ms. Argentine’s book NIGHT BECOMES DAY, I invited her to join me in a live webinar for parents and teachers. She was delightful, passionate, well prepared, and offered terrific ideas for our audience. We will be happy to have her as a guest speaker again in the future.”

— Lorna McGrath, Program Director of the Montessori Family Alliance,

“Cynthia Argentine was very knowledgeable in her subject matter. Cynthia’s discussion at ‘Cybersecurity 101’ definitely grabbed their attention, and her related hands-on activities made the content relevant to them.  She was very patient and answered their many questions with ease.”

— Laura Gangstad, Asst. Dept. Head, Youth Services, Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library


Programs Options & Pricing

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2020 Events

1.22.20 “Cybersecurity 101” at the Hussey Mayfield Memorial Public Library, Zionsville, IN