Visits & Events

I love to speak with students, teachers, and other readers and writers. Please contact me [insert hyperlink] about a virtual or in-person visit. We’ll discuss your needs and goals and design a presentation that meets them.

There are many topics we could cover! Here are some ideas to start with:

  • my books
  • their content (nature, transformations, botany, geology, cybersecurity)
  • how STEAM subjects (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) are related
  • where writers get ideas
  • tips on the writing process (creativity, patience, persistence, and more!)
  • having fun with nonfiction 
  • creative writing about nature.

We can do read-aloud’s, Q&A’s, presentations, games, or a combination of these.

Upcoming Events

8.10.21 Live webinar for Montessori Family Alliance: “Science—An Open Door to Creativity: How Science Connects Kids to Nature, Arts, Literature, and More”

11.6.21 Live webinar with SCBWI IN: “Opportunities in Nonfiction: A Vast, Vibrant Genre from Board Books to Middle Grade”


Programs Options & Pricing

more info coming soon!


Past Events

1.22.20 “Cybersecurity 101” at the Hussey Mayfield Memorial Public Library, Zionsville, IN