Taking Time to PLAY?

Many of us have been sheltering-in-place for over 10 weeks now. During this period, have you taken time to play? 

  • Play frees our minds. When we focus on a game, we let other thoughts go.
  • Play activates our senses. When we catch a ball outdoors, we feel its weight as it strikes our glove. We listen, watch, move.
  • Play makes us laugh. Even if we lose five board games in a row, we can smile at our daughter’s luck and skill. (I’m speaking from recent experience!)

It’s easiest to play when you’ve got a partner at home with you. But even alone, you can approach activities with a playful mindset. You can also challenge others to play along remotely. 

  • Can I complete a 1,000-piece puzzle? It’s fun to set a goal.
  • Will a family member living out-of-state work the same crossword puzzle as me? Maybe you can help each other!
  • May I invite friends to play online games? This is a key way kids and young adults connect with friends.

Trying something new is another great way to add playfulness to daily life. At my house, we all love to eat. Thankfully, everyone also likes to help in the kitchen. We’ve tried lots of new recipes, often from different parts of the world. Chicken Toscana was a hit. So was the Caribbean shrimp risotto my husband concocted. Here are a few more things to try: 

  • Photography. I’m having fun playing with the settings on my smartphone camera. Check out my garden pics on Instagram!
  • Gardening. Watching seeds sprout and flowers bloom never gets old.
  • Crafting. We cleaned out our “craft cabinet” in the kitchen and discovered ink stamps, wax seal makers, and decorative papers that were long forgotten.
  • Tea parties via Zoom. Break out your best mug or teacup and chat with a friend via the internet. My sister started this, and it’s become a weekly tradition for three generations–us, our daughters, and our mom!

I’d love to hear your ideas for bringing more “play” into our lives. Send me a message. Maybe I’ll tweet about favorite suggestions @CindyArgentine!