Vermont ACT 250 Handbook: A Guide to State and Regional Land Use Regulation

This book explains Vermont’s innovative land-use law and shows citizens how they can get involved in local decisions about development. 263 pages.


“This thorough and professional book provides a complete understanding of Vermont’s world famous and controversial land use control law.” – Martin L. Johnson, PhD, PE, Former Secretary, Vermont Agency of Environmental Conservation

“The [Vermont Act 250] Handbook is eminently readable and is an excellent starting source for Act 250 researchers….” – From “Toward Sustainability: Vermont’s Act 250” by Richard Oliver Brooks, Professor of Law, Vermont Law School

“Act 250, Vermont’s landmark land use regulation law, is nearly universally praised for its role in protecting Vermont’s character and natural beauty…. In the past, Act 250 has been criticized by those who feel the permit process has become too time consuming.… The explanations and analyses contained [in the Vermont Act 250 Handbook] will grease the regulatory wheels.” – From the forward by Doug Costle, Former head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency