STEAM Jobs in Cybersecurity

Rourke Educational Media

Computer hacks and stolen data make headline news. Who understands these attacks? Who works to prevent new ones? Cybersecurity professionals do.

STEAM Jobs in Cybersecurity introduces readers to current careers in this field. The book opens with why cybersecurity is important, noting the high costs of illegal hacking. It explains tricks hackers use, followed by tips for securing digital data. The book highlights the type of education that’s ideal for working in this field. This includes study of arts and ethics as well as technical and computer subjects. The closing chapter looks to the future in our increasingly interconnected world.

This title is part of a series on careers in STEAM fields. (STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.) Full-color photos illustrate each chapter. A glossary and index help with research. Sidebars profile specific jobs, including malware analyst, security software designer, cybersecurity lawyer, and more.

While this book is designed for middle-grade students, it serves as an introduction to this topic for readers of any age.

48 pages.