Night Becomes Day: Changes in Nature

Millbrook Press, an imprint of Lerner Books, 2021

A new book about the wonder of nature for kids!

Night becomes day.

Flower becomes fruit.

Nature is always at work, transforming.

With vibrant language and full-page photos, this book brings the dynamic quality of our world to life. Readers view beaches, woods, caves, canyons, deserts, glaciers, volcanoes, and more. As they encounter these settings, they discover contrasting types of change–fast and slow, hot and cold, ancient and new.

The book closes as day becomes night, bringing the story full circle and showing the cyclical nature of change. Text and photos relate to science topics such as the life cycle, water cycle, and rock cycle. Back matter introduces readers to ecology and gives additional information about many transformations. Readers see how biology, geology, and chemistry influence the natural world.

  • 32 pages
  • high-impact nature photos
  • text that leaves room for curious readers to explore and ask questions
  • Reading Level: Grade 2
  • Interest: Grades PreK and up, ages 4-9
  • Hardcover, approx. 10 x 10 inches
  • eBook also available
  • For a supplemental glossary of less familiar words, click here!
  • For a free printable teacher’s guide with activities, click here!

Signed copies are available at Black Dog Books on Main Street and at 4 Kids Books & Toys, 4450 Weston Pointe Drive, both in Zionsville, Indiana.


Kirkus Reviews – “A catalyst for conversations about change.”

  • “leads readers to notice and seek out the many changes … in their world”
  • “simultaneously folds in a lesson in opposites”
  • “a solid springboard in older elementary and middle-grade science classes”
  • “photos … highlight the changes and will hold readers’ interest”

“a visual and auditory feast for young readers that will be read over and over again and inspire them to get outside” – Shaunda W., NetGalley reviewer

“A beautiful book that doesn’t shortchange the science. Having tutored emerging readers for over a decade, I appreciate a book that piques a child’s interest in science through bright, colorful images and text that entices them to learn more without speaking down to them. Taking the simple concept of night turning into day and extending it to encompass all forms of change in nature is an inventive concept executed to perfection by the author. Perhaps most importantly, children will be inspired by the story and pictures to explore the supplemental material in greater depth, thereby broadening both their language and scientific understanding.” – Matthew S., NetGalley reviewer

“a lovely book for young readers and even adults” – Educator 809858, NetGalley reviewer

  • “can be read both as a bedtime story and also as a resource in the classroom”
  • conveys “the sense of magic in these natural changes” – Teresa R., NetGalley reviewer
  • “beautifully written text illustrated with stunning photographs”
  • “lively onomatopoeia makes the text fun to read and hear”
  • “a great resource to kick off themed units on systems, cycles, or change in the world around us” – Jenny F., NetGalley reviewer

“A wonderful addition to an elementary classroom or school library!” / “There’s a sneaky lesson in onomatopoeia, comparisons/contrasts, and expressive words delivered right along with the science.” – L.G. Educator, NetGalley reviewer