Night Becomes Day: Changes in Nature

Millbrook Press, an imprint of Lerner Books, 2021

A new book about the wonder of nature for kids in grades preK-3!

“Night becomes day.

Flower becomes fruit.

Nature is always at work, transforming.”

With vibrant language and full-page photos, this book brings the dynamic quality of our world to life.

Readers travel from beaches to woods, caves, canyons, deserts, glaciers, volcanoes, and more. As they explore these settings, they discover contrasting types of change–fast and slow, hot and cold, ancient and new.

The book closes as day becomes night, bringing the story full circle and showing the cyclical nature of change. Curricular tie-ins connect to science topics including the life cycle, water cycle, and rock cycle.

Back matter introduces readers to ecology and explains the science behind many transformations. Readers see how biology, geology, and chemistry relate to what we encounter in the natural world.


32 pages

  • high-impact nature photos
  • text that leaves room for curious readers to explore and ask questions

Reading Level: Grade 2

Interest: Grades PreK-3, ages 4-9

Hardcover, approx. 10 x 10 inches

eBook also available