Writing about science and technology for children and teens allows me to meet many researchers—from leading scientists to kids who design projects. Click the links if you’d like to read the full stories!

“An Amber Time Warp”

Sticky pine resin becomes a golden fossil called amber. It locks history, scientific secrets, and the fragrance of ancient forests inside.

Odyssey: Adventures in Science, July/August 2010. © Carus Publishing Company

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“From Captain Hook to Luke Skywalker: Bionic Breakthroughs at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago”

Bionic arms that patients can control with their thoughts? The technology exists. Read the story to learn how it works.

Odyssey: Adventures in Science, September 2010. © Carus Publishing Company

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“From Legos to Limbs...and from Race Cars to Robotics”

Two engineers use their technical expertise to help people in need.

Odyssey: Adventures in Science, September 2010. © Carus Publishing Company

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"Measuring the Gulf Oil Spill: A Major Math Problem!"

When the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded, no one knew how much oil was gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. An ingenious engineer uses a video and basic math to present astounding information to Congress and the world.

Odyssey: Adventures in Science, January 2011. © Carus Publishing Company

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“Microbes and Molasses: A Successful Partnership”

Can the thick, sweet syrup in gingerbread help us get rid of hazardous waste? Engineers pump ordinary molasses underground to restore a toxic waste site and bring a shopping center back to life.

ChemMatters, April 2012. © The American Chemical Society

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"On the Run...But Not Running on Empty"

Too busy to eat? Look at how some kids fit eating well into full schedules.

Odyssey: Adventures in Science, February 2011. © Carus Publishing Company

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“Opals: Nature's Colorful Gemstones”

Precious stones called opals create flashes of color and light. The unique arrangement of their molecules makes it possible.

ChemMatters, December 2013/January 2014. © The American Chemical Society

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"Seeing Snow"

Snowflakes can be mysterious. Learn what one physicist discovers as he explores the beautiful world of ice crystals.

Odyssey: Adventures in Science, November/December 2010. © Carus Publishing Company

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"A Thousand Miles for Lunch"

Have you ever traveled 1,000 miles for lunch? Probably not. But parts of your breakfast, lunch or dinner probably traveled 1,000 miles to reach you. Click on this story to read about the trips common fruits make on the way to your lunchbox.

Clubhouse, Jr., March 2011. © Cindy Argentine and Focus on the Family

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"Will My State Be Hit?"

Intrigued by tornadoes, hurricanes, or blizzards? Take a short quiz to test your knowledge of extreme weather. Then check out the map to learn surprising facts about storms in the United States.

Odyssey: Adventures in Science, March 2012. © Carus Publishing Company

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"Winning Science: Are Cell Phones Addictive?"

A high school student wonders how people will react when their cell phones are taken away. She wins a national prize for her science project—and learns a lot about human behavior in the process.

Odyssey: Adventures in Science, September  2011. © Carus Publishing Company

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Feature Articles for General Interest Publications

As a freelance journalist, I enjoy writing feature articles about art, education, philanthropy, nutrition, technology, and travel. Click on the titles below to read these stories.

“Habitat for Humanity Adds Retail with ReStore”

Habitat for Humanity opens a home-furnishings store with the goal of supporting more families in Boone County.

Zionsville Monthly, January 2019.

“Toting Equestrian Style: Heather Batchelor Creates Paul & Lydia, LLC”

A month at the beach, a passion for design, and a whimsical bag lead one woman to launch a new line of accessories sold around the world.

Zionsville Monthly, May 2017.

“Art Classes Lead to Creativity and Calm”

Can painting bring peace? An artist reflects on how creating art inspires her students.

Zionsville Monthly, April 2017.

“Growing Beyond the Classroom: Adelpha Twyman and the New Extended Experience Program”

A new high school program places travel and experiential learning at the forefront of education.

Zionsville Monthly, April 2017.

“Habitat for Humanity Builds Tools for Life”

There is more to a house than walls and a roof. This nonprofit organization builds homes, relationships, and a mindset of generosity.

Zionsville Monthly, March 2017.

“Living Well and Loving Chocolate: Perspectives from a Health Coach”

A health coach talks about nutrition—including health benefits of chocolate!

Carmel Magazine, February 2016.

“Nurturing Zionsville’s Wild Side” 

One woman’s dream and a circle of citizens improve wildlife habitat and environmental stewardship for decades.

Zionsville Magazine, June 2015.

“Three Kids, Three Continents, One Summer”

After traveling across the globe, three high school students talk openly about their experiences.

Zionsville Magazine, September 2014.

“Growing More than Dinner: Community Gardening in Zionsville”

As community gardens grow, participants enjoy more than the harvest.

Zionsville Magazine, August 2014.

“Looking Forward to Homework”

Local teens help others with homework as part of this faith-based mission.

Zionsville Monthly, August 2014.

“Dining at Home for Women in Need”

Dining for Women comes to Central Indiana. As members share a monthly potluck dinner, they raise funds for women in need around the globe.

Zionsville Magazine, July 2014.

“ZCHS World Class Robotics”

High school students succeed at an international robotics contest.

Zionsville Monthly, June 2014.

“ZCHS’s Brain Game Team Makes the Final Four”

Local students participate in a live TV quiz show, learning teamwork and sportsmanship as the clock ticks.

Zionsville Monthly, May 2014.